Riot locked and took my account that is my last memory of my passed away brother.

My account "Kaiisama" was locked after i emailed riot asking for help since i didnt know the PBE password and i got accepted into Legends Of Runeterra, so all i needed was my PBE password so i sent an email, but shortly after sending the email i figured it out on my own so I made sure to tell riot :oh nevermind, i figured out the password i dont need any further assistance. At 8:10PM est on 10/17/2019. Riot games locks my account and tell me they cant help me recover any info on Account since it belongs to my brother. They even go and say "Please keep in mind that account gifting breaks our terms of use as does account buying/selling/sharing/trading and can be punishable with a permanent suspension on the account." so I know i gifted my friends with the account because technically my brother and I shared this account when we were young. He's passed away so its mine now, i feel like my case should be sensitive to their rules. Family sharing an account is a thing that exists. I gifted on that account cause it is mine and funny enough they say gifting on an account "that isnt yours" is against the rules. Yet they are the ones that helped me for RP a few months ago when i asked riot for 74RP to help me gift a friend, so didnt riot help me break a rule? without letting me know about this? I believe this is a mistake by riot, i have past RP purchases, Original Email, People i have gifted, I have alot of personal info on it. Yet they keep saying it breaks terms of service, I know it breaks it buts account sharing between family memebers and one of them passed away. Why does riot have to take a part of my brother from me.
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