Why is AFKing/Intting/Leaving the game not a bannable offense?

When people do this, they destroy the integrity of the game. I have watched people who leave games intentionally go for months even years and never get banned. I've seen people who intentionally feed, never face repercussions for it. But I saw one guy say a naughty word for gay people and he received a 14 day ban within an hour. Why is homophobic language immmediate grounds for a ban, but someone legitmately ruining matches isnt? I get something like a fire in your house, or earthquake, you gotta go. Totally reasonable, but dying 3 times and then you AltF4 because you have poor sportsmanship? Why is this totally ok? Why does this not get players banned? Why do people get away with destroying matches? Yesterday I lost 5 separate games due to people leaving, and won 1 game due to it. Just now I sat through 2 games where we lost because of leavers. 2 in a row. And reporting these people feels so pointless, because over the years and years I have played this game and the literal 4000+ matches I have played, I have yet to see anyone banned for leaving a match.
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