Do you feel like the 100 Tokens (250 Tokens for Pass) is a good compensation for the bug?

Alright so everyone probably knows about the bug so I wont get into much detail, essentially you didn't receive Trials Tokens from missions or from the pass. Now the problem is, this bug has happened at different times for everyone and isn't consistent, as you sometimes did receive tokens. They gave everyone 100 Tokens and those with the pass a 150 Token mission. I think that this is their compensation for the lost tokens, I don't think that this is a gift that will add on top of the lost tokens. If I am wrong about any of this information (I'm writing this on the day that these tokens were awarded) please leave a comment. For me, a player who played almost 10 games a day for the entire period of 13 days, which meant that I was supposed to earn 1878 Tokens, but I lost 864 Tokens due to the bug, so I ended up only earning 1014 Tokens. The 250 Tokens only account for 29% of the ones that I've lost due to the bug, so I'm hoping they would be able to either increase the amount or to find a way to give everyone their lost tokens back.
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