COMPLETE LIST OF MORE PURCHASED/POPULAR CHAMPIONS (Zoe's already on more accounts than skarner) Setting the map as howling abyss, gamemode as aram allow us to see champ stats on that mode. However, aram's pickrate is equal to every champ, _**since you have it **_. That being said, we can have a pretty good idea of what are the most purchased champs on league by listing the champs by aram's number of games played. Reroll is obviously a factor to be considered, but you can only use it twice and not in every match, so, we can have a pretty good idea of what champs are actually more popular. At least, in the active accounts that often play aram. ps- free week also influences it, since some champs appear more often on free week and they can be picked in aram TOP 10 MORE PURCHASED CHAMPS: Rank/ Champ/ Number of games played 1- Ashe - 160k 2- Sivir - 143 k 3- Lux - 141 k 4- Veigar 138 k 5- Teemo 136k 6- Miss Fortune 136 k 7- Tristanna 135k 8- Blizcrank 135k 9- Morgana 131k 10- Twitch 127k TOP 10 LESS PURCHASED CHAMPS: 10 - Mordekaiser 36k 9- Elise 36k 8- Udyr 35k 7- Zoe 34k 6- Camille 31k 5- Ivern 29k 4- Nocturn 28k 3- Reksai 27k 2- Aatrox 24k 1- Skarner 20k In my opinion, the reason why zoe is already more purchased than a lot of old champs is the great amount of blue essence riot gave in the preseason exchange. Having 10k+ IP in hands allowed people to purchase the champion that they really wanted to play, and not lots of cheap champs due to lack of essence. Sorry for any grammar mistakes, i'm from the BR server, English's not my first language
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