Finally uninstalling league today, free from the chains.

Just got a 14 day for going against some guy who went fizz top and ended up feeding because of that damned troll pole. Anyway I guess you guys are here for the story anyway. League of legends used to be a really fun game to play but I now notice that riot only cares about the pros and centers everything around them, in the beginning of season 9 I picked up aatrox and did a fairly good job even making it to silver but aatrox becaome suddenly useless after the nerfs. I tried to compensate by playing other champs but it just never filled the void. And in terms of the gameplay, the gameplay is terrible and I can't stand constant troll picks and AFK's especially in the league I was in, bronze. But theres one thing I can say riot did perfect with their gameplay algorithm, how god damned addicting league was for me, it has made my grades worse overall and turned into someone with no empathy, every game you get that rush of dopamine with the first win and the extra lp but end up losing 3 games back to back and say to yourself "I can win, I know I can" but you end up getting skullbashed by the enemy team. I wake up every morning tired from staying up all hours of the night trying to climb but failing, missing homeworks because climbing is "more important." I've never experienced this in any other competitive game except for this god damned game. Also for all the kids looking from bronze and low silver, suck it up because you'll be stuck their your entire league career, just unplug and learn something new about yourself or the people around. League of legends has to be the worst game i've ever played and whoever is going through the same situation I went through just uninstall the game.
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