Is yuumi gonna get killed off by rito balance team?

_**Is riots balance team just bored? ( or am i just overreacting?)**_ Because the recent nerfs to {{champion:350}} Yuumi are just terrifying, the nerf to her W Is huge! **(not forgetting the W's attach now can be disabled even more)** and passive slightly hurts losing free sustain from mana n shield (i mean the health buff is great n all but that's not what i wanted for this champ... Not what i expected) Pretty sure this is just gonna weaken her winrate(And pickrate), mine being 50% winrate. The reason why i'm scared is because {{champion:16}} Soraka got nerfed, but later on she got buffed (thank god to the community) But... When {{champion:84}} Akali got nerfed to the ground she just stayed nerfed **(Thats my own opinion bc i can't play her without the sustain)** only way i played her was in the jungle **(it worked at the time weirdly.)** I thought they'd just remove the W's invis under tower but nope... they went harder... and murdered her... **(Again just my opinion) ** I mean at least {{champion:43}} Karma got buffed **(not like everyone who plays her can 1v5 with her already)** Sorry for the ''rant'' or whatever, but i just feel like too many people hate {{champion:350}} yuumi for her to be defended like {{champion:16}} soraka did... **(at the same time no one even plays her ''well'' so idk why riots balance team nerfed her... Could also mean a later buff maybe..? But i doubt that...)** _(Side note: Idk why but I really hate the new champion Qiyana she looks awfull and sounds toxic)_
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