By Riot allowing Nightblue3 to play right now they are telling everyone what he did is ok.

Riot these are your rules. This is the same kind of behavior that would get any of us normal players banned. What are you doing about it? I am holding your company to the rules you set in stone for all of us. There are no exceptions, not for me, not your employees or influencers. There can be reform and I want there to be second chances but that's not what this is for Nightblue3 he has a history of being toxic. What he did now crosses so many lines that it is a wonder he still playing with Zero repercussions. Why are we doing your job to make this game less toxic? Why are you forcing your own community to handle this? Do you even realize that these kind of streamers promote more toxicity in game? They make the game worse. And Riot, you are enabling that by doing nothing now. It has been hours. Where is the response?
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