I Demand A Human

Title. The automated system has failed. The time has come for the players that care about this game to make a stand. We can no longer be placated by the automated system. The toxicity in league has been complete bullshit for years. Nothing changes.. because the extreme cases are flying under the radar. The automated system was supposed to handle handing out punishments and taking care of the problems in the community, but it has failed us at every turn. When it comes to ranked play especially. Players are very creative in manipulating the automated system so that it doesn't actually catch their behavior and effectively punish them. A player can run down mid, but as long as the KDA looks good at the end.. they keep playing. A player can follow you through the jungle and last hit every camp...and the system says "Aww he's leashing his friend" and they keep playing. A player can tell you they are going to AFK and proceed to do so, and they keep playing. Bottom line is... short of scanning chat logs... THE AUTOMATED SYSTEM IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT AND WILL NEVER REPLACE THE HUMAN ELEMENT. It just brushes reports under the rug and those players go on to continue playing and ruining other peoples games. I know for a fact it's true because many of these players like to add you after the match to continue their attacks, and their match history goes on without a break in play or you get queued up with them again... EVEN THOUGH there are supposed to be so many players in the game the chances of seeing that player again are unlikely.. I remember about 90% of the players I play with, and make lists of names too. One of my friends on my friends list was added because after playing against each other 5 times that day (and several more earlier that week) we decided it would be better to duo with each other than play against each other. Not the first time I've added someone like that either. What I'm getting at here is this... I'm fucking done reporting players to a god-damn robot that doesn't actually do shit other than maybe a chat restriction. I want a member of the support team that handles these players to look at what these people are doing, and address it. I'm not saying "Go report the player to support directly" for all offenses... like general chat related offenses.. Use your mute buttons, use the automated system for that. I'm sure the automated system can handle that just fine. However.. when the players are running it down mid because you didn't take flash, when players are performing actions that a cold, hard, looking at the numbers and calculating robot can't legitimately effectively interpret as an offense, then you need to take a second to head to support, fill out the form and say I DEMAND A HUMAN. It takes a minute to make the report, and it doesn't take support too much more effort to look at the replay (at high speed even) and observe the behavior. It's the only way to clean this shit out. (CLARITY NOTE: I'm fucking fed up.. out of my last 20 games (I only play Ranked) 14 have had a player either straight out AFK or act extremely negative in a manner that has caused an otherwise winnable game to either be complete hell to win or a drastic loss. At this point it isn't just bad luck.. it's a statistic. That isn't counting the games where the other team had the afk. I don't give a shit about your rank shaming and how you can win a 4v5 and any excuse to justify these players actions... I only get to play a few games a week, every game I play has huge impacts on my in game scores... I can't just play another, a single loss can take weeks to recover LP from... I just want the quality of the games that I am able to play to be better...)
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