So about Pulsefire Thresh

Umm so I'm glad he's getting a skin at least since his last one was High Noon I believe but still a little sad that maybe they could've given it to someone else. Though on a more pressing note if I recall the Pulsefire champions are supposed to be future time traveling clones of the base ones but ummmm that being the case who the F@#K!! thought that they should clone Thresh of all beings?! WHO and WHY? Wouldn't it make more sense if the Praetorian Skynet death machines made a Thresh robot? P.S. If I see a Thresh is URF mode I can tell if they actually know s#!t about Thresh or not if they go AD then they don't really but if they go AP then my Carbon Based Life form. P.S.S. Would've been kind of cool to see Pulsefire Thresh maybe have been he got cloned as his human self but had gear to make him look like his ghost self. Also poor rando who's getting their soul stolen in his Splash Art. :'(
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