How to fix Warwick clunkiness.

Warwick clunky. Hit autos are slow, his blood trails are inconsistent, his ult hitbox is weird, and he seriously needs quality of life changes. So here is a big mini rework concept for WW Quality of life changes: Make it so blood trails appear for all enemies below 50% health at all times. When WW respawns, blood trails don’t appear for enemies under 50% HP until they take damage. Warwick W is not keeping track of enemies under 50% hp when he is dead, so when he respawns, the ability looks for enemies under 50%. But the enemies HP needs to be taken under 50% hp by any source of damage for the W to actually update their status as under 50% hp. So they can have 2% hp, but since the hp hasn't been taken under 50% hp since WW respawned, they aren’t tracked. It feels awful and makes playing Warwick feel so bad. Remove the actual blood trail. It’s awful and it doesn’t work at all. Add an indicator around Warwick that makes bloody arrows that point towards enemies under 50% hp. The arrow gets more intense for enemies under 20% If Warwick is moving in any way at all that brings him closer to the blood hunted target, he gets the movement speed. It’s less invasive on your screen and makes the movement speed much more consistent. When Warwick is running towards the blood hunted target and is damaged by a champion, he loses the movement speed (I don’t remember if epic monsters also stop the movement speed). This makes Warwick clunky as hell and feel awful to play. His base movement speed is so slow that any ranged champ can just turn around and auto him to make him the easiest champ to kite ever. Instead of just flat out losing the movement speed, it should decay over 3 seconds or so. If the target is under 20%, instead of just tripling the bonus movement speed, it should double it and damage would only halve the bonus movement speed. Warwick becomes less clunky and more of a terror for low health enemies. Now for the changes of the kit New addition to the passive: blood trance. Warwick gains 60% of the enemies % of missing health as attack speed. The attack speed is given to Warwick when he right clicks an enemy instead of when he actually autos them so he doesn’t feel as clunky. When Warwick is attacking a blood hunted target, the bonus is doubled. When Warwick is attacking a target under 20% health, the bonus is then tripled, stacking with the doubled bonus. If we want to go a step further into killing the clunky nature of WW kit, then when Warwick brings the target below a threshold, his auto attack timer is reset. He seamlessly transitions attack speed and it will be so much more smooth and enjoyable to play Change when ult hitbox ends in the animation. The hit box on warwicks ult should end when he lands, not when he is about to enter the landing animation. This will make it so much less clunky So basically clunk begone
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