All I ask for S10

I know a fair number of people hated S9 for their respective reasons, but I think what has driven me to abandon ranked and this game as a whole, unless I'm in five stacks, isn't the game itself but the community. I'm so tired of: one lane doing poorly, and the rest of the map just giving up. "Oh our top died 4 times we can't win (even though another lane won hard)." getting griefed because you know the game is winnable if everyone just takes a breath and focuses on scaling so you don't ff at 15 getting target banned by a teammate because they inted last game and I guess it gives them a sense of validation? people inting and not getting punished. ever. I easily report at least one inter in my games every ranked game, with no feedback reports. All I want for season 10 is NA to have a god damn mental that isn't comparable in thickness to paper.
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