Shorter Game Times in the Korean Server and the reasons why it's preferred there

~~So my last thread on AD and AP itemization was very controversial (same upvotes as downvotes lmao) and all I have to say to that was I'm sorry about some of the wording and I was very tired when I wrote the thread. Very tired- could've been slightly high but let's just say tired. ~~ > Anyways, today I want to talk about Korean culture around League and how it's different to Western culture. The reason why I'm writing this is because I remember reading comments that said Riot is trying to reduce the game time because they are trying to please the Koreans and Chinese, since they play in internet cafes. More comments that read "that's a Chinese/Korean Probem, don't bring their crappy attitude to the Western World". These comments were written by people who were oblivious of Korean culture and were all upvoted in agreement. I thought about responding there but it would be better if I used this opportunity to shed some light to everyone as a whole: In Korea surrenders are so common, games end in 15-30 mins regardless of whether Riot is trying to make games shorter or not. So for Korea, it doesn't matter if Riot make changes towards game duration- the Korean server will always have more open mids, 15 mins ffs, and surrenders than the western severs. Always. It's not a Korean/Chinese problem or a crappy attitude and saying that it is, is being rude to a culture you have no idea about. Their POV: Why would you want to keep yourself and other people hostage in a game where you are going to lose anyways? This is very easy to understand especially if they leave their house to go to a internet cafe and **pay ** by the hour to play League. Some of them are kids and have curfews, they don't have all the money or time in the world like you would when you play at home. Also, compared to students in western countries, South Korean students generally have their time plagued by 학원s (after school academies) and part time jobs. It's just straight up ridiculous and it's not a big surprise that South Korea has the highest suicide rate for students.~~ In fact, suicide is the biggest cause of death for people in their 10s and 20s in Korea.~~ They harbor so much stress, it's also not a big surprise how toxic the Korean server can be. Anyways, because of 학원s(after school academies), an hour is sometimes all they have before they have to go back home and study more. Which is why they refuse to spend that hour playing a dragged out slug fest game but call for a quick surrender if they know they are going to lose. I'm not only talking about students, this is generally the mentality in Korea (which I can explain but will be going off topic). This isn't unique to League of Legends either. The ggwp (exit game) courtesy for starcraft players originated from South Korea. In starcraft, surrendering and ending the game you know you are going to lose is considered respectful to your opponent- and this is displayed in the professional scene. **One** of the many reasons Dota2 has been unsuccessful in Korea is because there is no surrender button and games are longer. The situation is quite grave, they removed the Dota2 Korean server because not enough people played in it. (the Koreans now play Dota2 in the Japanese server lmao) Alternatively, Heroes of the Storm has gathered some following in Korea. Games ending quicker in Korea is simply a cultural difference rooted in the difference in society, not necessarily a problem and definitely not a crappy attitude. I understand that shorter games could be seen negatively and be seen as a problem in the western servers, but it's not in Korea. And it's not a Korean problem- there is nothing to be solved or that's an issue for the Koreans. > If Riot decides to base their game duration off of what Koreans like, just understand that > 1. Koreans dgaf because it wouldn't affect them at all because of the reasons I stated above. Even if games are tuned to have a longer duration, Koreans dgaf as long as they can continue to open mid, and surrender. > 2. It's Riot's problem. Also, just because Riot is reducing the game duration and that's lining up with the tendencies in Korea, it doesn't mean there has to be a direct correlation. I don't even think Riot is doing that either because I would like to believe that Riot isn't retarded. Why on earth would they try to please the Koreans if it doesn't even affect them and intentionally put themselves in a storm of controversy by fucking players that want longer games in other servers. It's probably just Riot's agenda favoring newer players and wanting the game to be more casual so don't throw the Koreans under the bus. I hope you guys understand. Thanks. PS A comment about Riot being tencent ought to come up and as for me, I don't have an opinion. I don't really know where more weeb stuff lands for me.
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