Trash Talking Teammate that Got you Banned

2nd time banned after I was trash talked all game by my adc and eventually snapped back... My team and even the other team both supported me yet I get suspended because the rules are set to auto ban after 5 reports regardless if they came from the instigator or not. In what world does the victim get penalized? Apparently this one.... Riot refuses any responsibility in addressing the 1st to offend.... As for anyone who says mute and move on, that's REALLY not a viable option as these players seem to be in every game these days and communication is critical to winning games. What gives!? Fix it Riot. Fix it. To make it very clear, since so many people fail to understand, my argument is not that I shouldn't receive discipline, my argument is that instigators do not get punished while those who retaliate are left to suffer. This enables people to trash talk people who are new and instill toxic behavior in everyone else that is part of that team. While I strongly DISAGREE that those who decide to stand up for themselves should be punished, I understand that this is a fragile community - which is all the more reason that instigators should be the ones to pay.
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