Riot Games employees reportedly plan walkout to protest company policies

Riot Games employees reportedly plan walkout to protest company policies
Riot Games employees are taking action after feeling like the company isn't doing enough to improve the work environment. The action follows reports about Riot Games' toxic culture from August 2018, where current and former employees talked about sexual discrimination they faced and other inappropriate behavior at the company.
For those that don't know, "arbitration" is a tool large corporations use to block lawsuits - generally it prevents consumers/employees from banding together and forces them to air their grievances "one-on-one" where the one is the individual employee or consumer and the other one is the entire legal team of the corporation. Corporate lawyers love it, which is why relinquishing your right to lawsuits, _especially_ class action lawsuits, in favor of arbitration is a ubiquitous clause in EULAs, including Riot's - in case you thought the friendly persona meant your favorite game company was less anti-consumer than every other U.S. corporation. Anyway, I hope Riot employees unionize, you can't trust corporate to make any changes if you don't. The collective action is a great first step. **Edit**: Anyway, if there's one thing I'd hope to accomplish with this thread, it would be to demonstrate that by and large, the employees have community support and public opinion on their side. Whether or not the walkout ends up happening (it looks like there was a pretty immediate corporate response to just the threat), I think I'm not the only one that wants Riot employees to be heard and treated well. Obviously this one thread on this one board in this one region represents just a tiny microcosm of League customers, but hopefully it's a decent demonstration. ** If there's any way we the customers can more directly support this effort, I hope the employees working to affect change make it known so those of us that care can act on it. **
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