Playing aganist a smurf is the most unpleasant experience on this game.

I really want someone at Riot to read this post. Playing aganist a smurf is an experience that I don´t wish to anyone. Riot can bring back URF, they can do whatever they want to bring League back on form, but they´re forgetting one of the reasons of why League has decayed so much in the last few years. Smurfing in the last years has become fashion. Nearly everybody has a smurf account. Playing aganist lower skill level players can be a good way to reduce the frustation of you´re main account ranked matches. But there´s something that a lot of people forgets or they don´t even care about it at all: When you´re smurfing, as a mentioned above, you´re not playing better, you´re playing aganist players with a lower skill level and that probably makes you feel that you´re playing better on your smurf than on your main account, but that´s not true, thats just a way that you have to deal with your frustation and to feel better about yourself when destroying other players overall expericence. There´s the worse part about smurfing: Do you remenber when you started playing League? when you had absolutely no idea about how the game works? Imagine that you started playing League a week ago and you have the badluck to have a smurf on the enemy team, there´s a high chance that you´re gonna stop playing because you´ll think that you´re not good enough or the game is just too hard for you. This happens every single day with new players, and it´s very sad honestly. League is losing its future playerbase because most of the new players quit League because of the smurfs. There´s also smurfs that are extremely toxic with new players and that´s another reason of why new players are quitting the game a couple of days before they start playing it. In resume, creating a smurf account can be a good way to decrease your frustation, but remenber, everytime you´re smurfing you´re destroying other players experiences.
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