Player Support said they'd give me RP if I drew a picture for them- so I did and then nope.

**** > #UPDATE Thanks to (_I'm assuming_) **Riot Morgageddon** for the 2,000 RP gift! I made this post with the thought that no one would actually see this and care but someone did :) **** I'd sent a ticket asking why I couldn't refund a skin I'd gotten in the past and whether they could manually do it for me- it turns out that there's a time restriction for that- so no, they couldn't help me with my original request. _Short backstory: I needed 135 RP for Championship Zed and basically, I wanted to refund K/DA Akali so that I'd have enough. (I explained this in the ticket)_ Anyway, I was feeling kind of dejected until I kept reading. The Rioter said that if I drew a picture and sent it to him/her (he/she recommended Championship Zed), he/she could give me the last bit of RP I was short on. I was pretty damn happy when I heard that so I spent 4 hours drawing this and sent it over to him/her.[/img] A day later, some other Rioter hops on the ticket and says they won't do it. Thanks for wasting my time. In the future, please don't commit to things you aren't sure you will or can go through with. It's incredibly upsetting that I spent all that time for literally nothing.

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