Is it possible that Inting isn't caught because of how often it is reported?

Serious question. I'm sure a lot of people report players who have rough games/throw the game for intentional feeding. It must be hard then for riot to determine who actually had a terrible game and who raged and just decided to "run it down". Wondering if they have to lean more to believing it is a rough game (I'm sure we've all been reported for having a 2/11 game on Yasuo at some point of our league career) letting someone who may run it down and end up with a scoreline of 2/11 off the hook. I saw a tweet the other day where a player had inted I believe 11 games in a row and didn't get banned till his actions ended up on the front page of reddit (sorry I don't remember who this is). This is the main reason I am asking this question
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