Here i am, watching this game rotting to its core.

30 days since I've removed this...abomination. While I've recently found out that League was made by some 2 roommates in college (forgot the names, but screw the names) i say they should have just continued their major, get a regular job and get married and be average people. Far better than becoming founders of a game (and company) that eventually becomes a mess that it is now and get owned by some chinese company that thinks eating dogs gives good luck and such. Idk how chinese culture works, but where i come from is no better anyway. Go ahead and google search "Lebanon law 522". Yeah, we're as fucked up as they are. But who wins the "most fucked up country" award? You be the judge. "but but...King could they know? They don't have a crystal ball to look into the future!" Yeah fair point. If i had the TARDIS i would have went back and stopped the birth of League or warned the 2 founders of Rito games to not sell their souls to china and cater to their internet cafe culture. Idk i'm making stuff up along the way. The game is fast paced after all. Good proof to internet cafe catering, but not solid enough i guess. I say it's just a weird coincidence. Never underestimate the power of coincidences my fellow readers! Now, here i am, ROCK YOU LIKE HURRICANE! Oh sorry...this is a rant not a song... Anyway, now, here i am, watching this game rotting with champions that get on your nerves, matches that are fast paced and snowballing, balance nightmare, and filled with gold skins that don't seem special at all. Yellow is my favorite color FYI. And it makes me want to cry seeing riot abusing it for the dumb prestige crap. Who made this? Gold member? somebody call Austin Powers please. Now, ask yourself this: Are you having fun with this game? Whether you lose or win? Let's see: - the game's fun is at the expense of other players' own fun (whether enemy or ally) that's not how games work btw riot. And the founders called themselves "gamers"? "it's a competitive game Lego boy! stop yapping!" Competitive my ass. Leave that to Faker since it only applies to him since his career relies on it to get the food on the table. It's the pro players' job to not have fun. I hope the pro players have finished college otherwise they'll turn from League pro players to pro homeless in the next...10? 20 years? Nobody can have a fast reflex forever. Even Faker. Sorry, sad fact of life. Football itself is a competitive game yet fun. However, Christiano Ronaldo isn't playing to "have fun" since this game is his career. - the balance is a nightmare. No surprise. - champions these days are just overloaded with too many things. - diversity is more or less very unhealthy. Like top lane is a mess given how you can pick a support with klepto and some support item, and manage to get more gold than the enemy without even cs-ing. YOU CALL THIS STRATEGY? This is why i think, that when a players gets given say support, he can only choose support champs (like pure supports) like Janna, Braum, Lulu etc and nobody else of different class like Brand, Zyra, Lux etc. "the game will be stale man! screw you!" Well, if its stale, it sucks, and if its diverse it also sucks. Have you seen tank Viktor top? I thought so. You want diversity? Go with item builds. Tank Vayne would be interesting along with AP Janna. - 140+ let me say that in words. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY PLUS champions. and it felt like there are only 30-40, even feels now as it is. The one reason why i think DOTA 2 is better than League is because at least 99% of its heroes are viable rather than just 20% being viable while the rest of the 80% are like okay or troll picks (i don't even play DOTA 2). What's the point of designing champions if they are going to be forgotten? Even Ivern became non-existent and he's like...what? 2-3 years old? Not enough time to be a grandpa in this game but he's neither at a goo goo ga ga stage. - the game doesn't even feel like you need skills. Before deleting LoL, with all the runes and items, i didn't feel like i was improving. Before runes reforged i felt like a god, and was learning so much. - While smurfs, trolls, feeders etc aren't exactly my concern (since the only thing i'm pissed was just the dumb game balance), it really sucks for the other players to play with these scumbags. While I've beaten smurfs before (simple rule, don't underestimate and wait for their ego to activate), i was coached by diamond friends, i think it's safe to say that i understand how much it sucks to get beaten by someone who doesn't belong to your elo. As for trolls and feeders etc...well, i say their brains are still maturing. so give them time. I heard MMR is a train wreck...what's up with that?!? With all these points given out, here's the question again: Are you having fun with this game? Whether you lose or win? What motivated me to quit was riot's balance and design teams. Balance may have always been a mess since perfection is more or less impossible, but in design (champions, runes, items, etc) I'm convinced that they never asked themselves "is this healthy and fair?" and honestly don't even care. Some stuff being typically said or i expect to be said: "yeah bye nobody is gonna miss you" coolcoolcoolcoolcool. "see you in a week" Well, would you like some souvenirs when i return? "you're silver, stop complaining." Yeah and i'm Shin Godzilla. "i'm having fun with this game!" Just because you do doesn't mean others do too. Either you're a 2nd version of Imaqtpie or the game favors the champs you play heavily. "bruh, is this a low effort post or what?" I don't know. I added some cheap jokes so i guess it is. Idc if meddler even sees this anyway. "if you quit the game then why are you here?" 1- free will 2- quitting the game doesn't mean i'll be in the dark not knowing what's happening. In case i return i should expect what i'll be facing. In case. 3- if i don't play football, does it mean i shouldn't watch football matches? or talk about it?
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