Preseason Changes and thoughts

As someone who is tired of the one-shot damage meta some of these changes make me very, very happy. Also many of the changes to the rift seem interesting in different ways. **Pros:** _Elemental Rifts_ - Actually super awesome. I know there are some people who already hate the RNG of the Dragons, but something like this changes each game in a potentially fun and exciting way. I would personally like to see these Rifts expand rather than only hit part of the maps. I.E. Infernal Rift drying part of the river creating more dry land and burning more brush around the map besides the brush around the 2 buffs. Ocean Rift making the river flow completely through the mid and top lanes so that the map is perfectly divided by the river and maybe adding more brush in the river area itself. Cloud Rift giving the speed buff in brush size spaces randomly placed throughout the jungle and river rather than one giant area about the buffs. Mountain Rift creating more entrances/paths like in front of the dragon pit and maybe even opening new paths from the jungle to lane. _Dragon Buffs_ - Personally I like these changes. makes every dragon desirable rather than wishing for a Infernal/Mountain Drake. Also gives a defensive version of the Infernal buff through the Mountain Drake. _Side Lane Alcoves and Brush_ - Don't know how I feel about these yet, but they look interesting without changing lane too much. _Spear of Shojin_ - Thank god this is gone. Made certain champions too overpowered and honestly if a champion needed this item to be **_viable_** it probably means they needed to have lower cooldowns in the first place. _Runes_ - Yes, yes, and yes. I like all of these changes. Removing Conqueror's true damage aspect means less true damage overall which is a step in the right direction away from the one-shot s*it show. The Kleptomancy change I personally think is good, which may be an unpopular opinion, but focusing the gain around extra pots/one use elixirs vs gold I think is better for game health and prevents some champions from utterly abusing it {{champion:41}}. The Aftershock change kind of depends on what Riot means when they say buffing this rune for tankier champions. If it means this effect working off of a percentage of the champions total armor/magic resistance then sign me up. This rune should never have been the go to for champions that build 0 armor/magic resistance. This is a tank rune and should work better with tanks. **Cons** _Dragon Souls_ - While I like the changes to the Dragon Buffs the Dragon Souls make me a bit hesitant. Right now the changes to prepatch (in the Pro section) are looking at lowering true damage and buffing some of the runes Tanks like without seemingly starting another tank meta. These Dragon Souls (mostly looking at Infernal/Cloud) are basically looking at buffing cooldowns, doing AoE which means more damage. I understand that if a team gets 4 dragons in a single game giving a reward shouldn't necessarily be out of the question, but the Dragon Souls could easily get out of hand. I guess depends on how they balance them. _Elder Dragon_ - I would rather have a true damage burn effect apply to your abilities than a straight up execute. This seems like a way too powerful effect for not collecting the Dragons, and even though it doesn't scale with the elemental dragons it still doesn't stop the team that got the Dragon Soul from getting this effect. This will just shorten games and likely make players not care about Baron since this buff could easily close a game and is easier to kill than Baron. _Jungle Diversity_ - I get where Riot is coming from by shifting the XP to be split between Krugs and Gromp, but I think it is time to add a little Jungle XP camp scaling back in. Not enough to be on par with solo laners, but enough to be at least on par with a ADC/Support lane. _Top Lane Influence_ Only reason why I am putting this in Cons is because this doesn't really solve the Top Lane issue. But I _**do**_ like the changes to Rift Herald. _Lethality Items_ I really do get where Riot is coming from to expand more item paths and if Tanks were too strong right now I would be 100% for these changes. But Tanks are actually rather weak right now, which makes me nervous about buffing/adding more lethality items right now. I would rather have seen slight buffs to Tank items instead of/or in addition to these changes. **Neutral** _Support Items_ Not sure if these changes are good/bad. Depending on balancing this could be good. _**Any opinions on what you like/hate about the prepatch?**_
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