In the entire history of the gaming world...

There has never been a character that actively CUTS themselves to heal others. Until {{champion:16}}, this concept has always been stupid and although she has seen mixed success during her rework, I just hate this baffling design choice so much. Why would I play a healer that actively HURTS herself, this isn't in any other moba or mmo. I might as well just pick {{champion:10}} and spam her E. I know people will say, its her "design" but I just think its stupid and goes against the very concept of a healer and on a very squishy champion as well, which almost forces you to build tank. Also, in the age of "one-shots", Soraka's Q damage is outright pathetic compared to other supporting damage/CC abilities in the game. {{champion:43}}'s Q does better damage and has a better slow on it so I fail to see why she can't have better Q damage? She seriously needs an "emo" skin, like {{champion:32}} has. Considering how much she cuts herself in lane.
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