I was finally lucky and drew Championship Ryze out of the 10 years orb and then this happened...

About 2 days ago I received the 10 years orb without any expectations whatsoever. My luck with these orbs hasn't been that great so I casually opened it and clicked through the items that I received, when suddenly Championship Ryze popped up! I took a picture full of excitement to share it with my friends on WhatsApp. https://imgur.com/SHKcINv To show off my collection of skin shards over the years, I've also sent them a picture of my inventory, which clearly shows Championship Ryze in it. https://imgur.com/PdhdEND The next day I've finally made up my mind to log into League and craft that skin, since it was indeed one of those skins that I wanted to play. When I opened up my inventory the Ryze skin was suddenly gone! https://imgur.com/FIl15tS I also haven't crafted anything yet as you can tell by the amount of essence that didn't change from my previous picture. I decided to contact the Riot support to look into this issue and the support told me that "Championship Ryze is a skin that shouldn't be available through crafting" and that he would give me a masterwork chest as a compensation. And to all my luck this is what I got from it ... SRSLY? https://imgur.com/CzkPQOq https://imgur.com/0DAo0dB At this point I was quite upset and sad: not only did they take away a skin, that was more valuable to me because I got it out of my own LUCK, but also weren't able to compensate for it correctly. Thanks Rito for nothing. Edit: I've reached out to another support and explained this whole issue again. He literally told me that he just crafted Championship Ryze himself LOL He then unlocked the skin for me as well free of charge. https://imgur.com/dWKp9Ha
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