My last friend finally quit this game

I think I might join him, I just dont feel like queing up you know? I dont really need to list the reasons because everyone at this point has heard it a million times. I came to this realization when I invited him to play and he turned me down then asked 'how do you even have fun anymore?' Couldnt even answer lmfao, I went from playing the minute I came back from my classes until the time I fell asleep to playing around 3-4 games a day, I did 3 games reluctantly today. The answer to his question, after some thought, is addiction, I dont even like the game im just addicted and its slowly wearing down. I hope this game is fixed before I become un addicted because honestly Ive had some good memories. Particularly in Odyssey when I beat it on the hardest difficulty (with 2 augments) with 4 other people I randomly invited on discord, shouting happily at 3 AM with a bunch of strangers at something we've been trying to beat for 4 hours was one of the best and weirdest experiences ive ever had. Sadly I cant look forward to those moments cause of PVE game mode removal. Loved when I first pulled off an airblade or when I first hit Diamond. Loved when me and my friends went 5 stealth champions in a normal game mode, that shit was hilarious and the enemies 'wtf' spam when 5 people appeared out of thin air made it all the better. (Champs are Shaco, Wukong, Twitch, Rengar, Evelynn for those interested in trying it :D ) Doombots was giga fun and the first time me and my friends ever tried it was the biggest 'wtf is this' moment of our lives, I remember my camera being toplane and just hearing 'WHAT THE FUCK ITS A MASSIVE TEEMO' from my friends mic and looking over to see a 15 foot devil teemo walk towards our base. We got destroyed (obviously), also I never did beat the mode, was kinda hoping id get another try Im just not having these moments anymore, theres nothing to really look forward to, theres no outplays to make, theres no fun in the game, I dont care about balance or the LCS or what champions are making you money. Your ignoring if we are having fun or not, your hitching your bets on people like me (maybe not everyone) staying addicted. This is probably going to be my last boards post, I dont really see a reason to come here anymore. Ill reply to a few comments if anyone wants to ask anything. Bye all, good luck
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