No, I'm going to complain about how they handled the Prestige Qiyana skin. (Transparency and EPass)

Ohhhh noooo, another person complaining about not knowing about how they were going to distribute the Qiyana skin, whatever shall we doooooooo... First of all, how is this a problem to you? Not that I care obviously unless your secretly a Riot employee that's doing terrible damage control by telling people to "shut up and accept it". Imo it certainly beats people complaining about champs before their release as we have no idea as to how much they affect the game. Besides the point, you can't deny how they distributed the information for Prestige Qiyana was absolutely poor. Literally one post with a single sentence about it, quote: > Yes! We’ll be adding more things you can spend your Worlds tokens on throughout the course of the event, including a Prestige skin for Qiyana. Now I don't know about all of you, but I didn't even know this post even existed until today. The information alone I heard about another prestige skin coming with literally 9 days left was a week ago, even then I brushed it off as something the community was once again freaking out over and that this is fake news. Clearly I was wrong. Now imagine how many people take the time out of their day to read these Riot posts. Using me as an example, I probably take about 5 minutes and I just brush over the news as to whether there are any news on new champs or gamemodes or literally anything that is changing up the game, this is usually once every month as I don't see any information that somewhat excites me (excluding the hints of URF within the previous few posts). In other words, yes, technically they gave us this information beforehand, a month beforehand, within a single sentence. Talk about full transparency. Now I'm not asking for a full glorified paragraph as to what else is coming in finer detail as well as a **rough** date as to when it is coming, especially if it's **near the end of an event passes deadline**. I'm also not suggesting to maybe notify people who boot up the league of legends with a brief sentence of the latest news within the "Ask Riot" Newsletter, something like "World Tokens, Worlds and TFT news within the latest "Ask Riot" available now!", via the Bell icon in the top right which can be disabled if people feel the need to do so. (actually not sure if this is a thing or not, but if it isn't...well...) No, I'm not asking for anything like that. Instead what I'm asking is that perhaps maybe in the future... **ADD SHADOW SILHOUETTES OF FUTURE ITEMS FOR THE EVENT PASS, ALONG WITH AN ICON AS TO WHAT THEY ARE, LIKE PRESTIGE SKINS, BORDERS, ETC**. I had to put this in bold in order to get everyone's attention that this is not some blind rant post (ironic I know). Whether you want the prestige Qiyana skin or those sick true damage orbs that are bound to give you red baron corki or you don't want any of this at all, I think we can all agree some more transparency and information of whats to come in **more accurate detail** would be best for everyone in the future. Regardless if it's for the event pass or something else entirely. But what do I know, I'm just an Entitled Gamer.
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