Why not remove promos in favor of more LP per divison

Frankly I don't think there is anyone who really enjoys playing a match in promos over your average ranked game. They are innately one of the more stressful and frustrating parts of the ranked experience and I feel it's unnecessary. After experiencing a seamless climb to gold if TFT promos are just a pain when returning to ranked solo/duo. Personally I think changing it to 150 LP per division would be much improved for three reasons. First, those with very high MMR still have to do promos despite the fact that they may be gaining 3x the LP of someone who has to win two games as well. For those in this scenario as a player at a rank that is well matched to my skill there is nothing I want more than to for this player to get out as fast as possible up to the higher rank he deserves. By raising the LP cap per tier it would remove a large slowdown to ranked climbs for players with very high MMR who gain 40+ LP a game and allow for them to climb better while solving the disparity of players who if not for promo's would have gained 30 lp while others may have gained 90. Secondly, this removes the frustration of those 99lp moments where promos just kinda screw you over cause you have to play a game for 1 LP. Lastly, I would remove the demotion protection garbage. To start it's based off of MMR which means to the play it seems totally random if you get 0 games at 0 LP or 8 (yes ive seen it) Moving to a promo-less system would make the rules clear and make getting demoted not feel so bad since its really just one win and your back instead of 1 win then 1 more in promos and that whole headache. *Note this come from a silver (almost gold at one point) perspective and im aware none of these are amazing points but I really don't see an upside to promos so really any reason seems good from my point of view. Thanks for reading
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