Why do i have to pick a new username when updating to a "Riot account"?

Why can't i use my old one? When it prompts me to update my account, it says my username is already in use - which it obviously is, because it's my username. So why can't i just keep it? I have that username across four servers, which means it's not considered "unique" as a Riot accounts name - there are four identical accounts spread out across the servers, but apparently the Riot accounts do not separate by region. And thus i'm not allowed to transfer ANY of my accounts, but instead have to do the exact OPPOSITE of what the entire point of a Riot account is - i have to make multiple separate accounts with different login credentials, where the Riot post about their reasoning for this update in the first place claims this is done to AVOID having to input passwords with a number change here and there for each Riot game. (For the record, i have no interest in the other Riot games - i'm here for League of Legends and League of Legends only. Forcing me to make this change for a system i'm not even going to use and then going directly against their own words is extremely scummy.)
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