Good morning, boards.

Woke up feeling especially positive about the world today despite the myriad of reasons not to do so. I do the [Miracle Morning](,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/1330275187595006099.jpg). Or rather I'm working toward establishing the Miracle Morning as my daily routine. As my morning meditation and as my morning writing I decided to list all of the things that make me feel good about my life today. - I've lost 10+lbs since the new year - I'm making healthier choices and I can feel the difference in body & mind - I can walk/hike for miles at a time without getting winded, which is more than I could do 2 years ago - I'm creating again. When I'm in a low spell it's hard for me to produce art, but the last several weeks I have been drawing, painting, & producing more than in a long long time - Creating makes me feel real - I'm less anxious lately - I got a lot of tax money back this year - My hair is silky af today - and much more How are you guys doing? What is good in your life right now? *I would love to hear about it.*
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