The New Ryze BS Rework

Ok so I am playing Ryze for quite some time and wanted to be a Ryze one trick. The reason I wanted to main Ryze is because of his learning curve and the skill require to be viable in the game. But apparently some people in Riot Games decided to give Ryze a Bullshit ass rework which completely ruins his kite. All the ability cool-down scaling is now straight gutted into a Flat ability cool down which means that CDR will have no effect on his abilities and if you use other abilities it only going to reduce 1 second cool down from his other abilities which is usless because they decided to give him a flat cool down which is just turning him into a BS champ. And they increase the mana cost on all the abilities which is just Bullshit according to me and all the people who commented on David Capurro Twitter post regarding the Ryze rework. Ryze is a champion who is purely works around his mana adn his resets and now you gutted his early game which is awful idea. So basically now he has his flat ability cool down with high mana cost and remove the root from his W which means you can now only root the enemy when you have a E ability on to them otherwise your W is just going to 50% slow the enemy. And if you E and use the W which will root the enemy and gives Ryze a shield buff in just two abilities seriously this is just so easy now. And the fact that we dont like this change is because you know how easy to land E on enemy since in 9.12 update you decided to keep the random bounce on Ryze E ability. which mean Ryze E ability will no longer require skill to last hit the enemy inorder to let the E bounce which will effect his lane clear. However i will give it to them the idea of refunding Mana on Ryze W when the ability is used on a minion. And i will say Ryze need that kind of a buff which will refund his mana which will be really good for him since Ryze rely on mana so much especially in early game. Just that was the only good thing about in the whole idea. And now lets talk about Ryze R which is his ultimate ability teleportation. Ok so now what these people decided to do with his R ability is absurd that Ryze cant no longer use his R unless there is an ally unit near him which makes it now a bullshit useless ability in SOLO QUE. And people like me who are not Pro Players or neither play in Pro league or their friends are not online. For these people who want to play Ryze in SOLO QUE by themselves and based on your New Ryze rework idea makes him a useless champion in SOLO QUE. And the reason im writing this because WE know you guys hate Ryze and we can tell by the new rework that you put out in BPE servers. You guys decided to ruin Ryze's kit despite the fact the new rework you gave to Akali, Irelia, Morgana, Kayle, Modokiazer etc. you guys literary gave them a next level shit which makes them either un-kill-able or with totally absurd damage dealing and crowd controlling abilities and Apparently they are still broken champions and were still not fixed. Please don't ruin Ryze kit the reason we all like Ryze the way he is right now is because first of all he requires great deal of learning curve and his combos and we want Ryze to stay as a difficult champion which requires a lot of skill in order to play him and if you implement those changes that you guys just posted on BPE all the skill requires to play Ryze's kit are pretty much going to be useless for people who likes to play champion who are difficult o master. Please don't ruin Ryze as a champion.
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