In the past, I made a post about hate towards assassins...

But after seeking information , I finnaly realize that I hate AD assassins . AP assassins require themself to use their kit to actually assassinate you and their item are cooldown gated and their itemization have a lot of variant. AD Assassins however... always the same build ..{{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} , sometime a{{item:3814}} and they get {{item:3071}} or {{item:3036}} to deal with tankier foes. With the add of {{item:3181}} and {{item:3179}} added 2 more choice but one is more used by AD split pusher than assassins and the other is only used on AD support({{champion:555}} {{champion:235}} ). So basically it's Yuumu and Duskblade every game on AD assassins .. wich lead us to my main problem, Duskblade doesn't have gated cooldown like it's counterpart AP item {{item:3146}} {{item:3152}} . Both have a cooldown and require you to actually press a button to make use of the active, wich ask you more skills coordination and precision because a mistake can make or break your combo as AP assassins. Meanwhile, AD assassins can proc duskblade once, leave sight for 1 second , proc it again, and so on as long they lose sight on them. Imagine {{champion:121}} who ult 3 time , he can use it 3 time and imagine he is in the jungle, he can basically proc it on demand as long he position well. The fact that AD assassins can have access to multiple proc of Duskblade is what make them extremely frustrating to play against because, assasssins, specially AP, once their cooldown is blown, they either have to disengage, or they end up being blown up because their main damage spell got used and are on cooldown , including their active item. AD assassins can wait for their basic spell rotations and have duskblade as compensation to help them burst multi target . It nullify their intended weakness to be good on 1 target and being a easy prey afterwards. I beleive the best way to work on assassins without feeling too oppressive would be to add a cooldown to duskblade or revert to it's past iteration , aka small Zed ult, so this way you can counter Duskblade damage without feeling it oppressive.
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