Why is Rumble so criminally unoticed by Riot? (I WANT TO WORK WITH RIOT TO HELP THIS LITTLE YORDLE )

Im a super huge fan of Rumble, I put more hours into him than I probably should but It still bugs me all the little stuff that happens to him. I think the number one thing is that he is THE FOUNDER OF SUPER GALAXY why is he the only one that doesnt get a profile icon out of everyone??? he is seen in mecha Aatrox skin picture and plays a huge part in the super galaxy team but even in the skin advertisement they show off everyone hardcore and only show rumble for half a second at the very end and gets thrown in the closet. Its been almost 7 years and they havent done anything crazy or fun with him. The only big things that he has recieved are a big buff on cooldown for his ult, ONE skin that I personally still prefer super galaxy over it. He has been nerfed on his shield capacity BUT THE MAIN THING NEEDING BUFF ARE HIS "W" BECAUSE ITS ESSENTIAL FOR HIS SURVIVAL AND MOVEMENT. All the low difficulty characters get more love and attention because they have a bigger player base because alot of them are overplayed. Kled is also a character in the same position as Rumble in some cases like skin line up. Im waiting for something crazy and fun to happen to underatted champs. Look at all the competitive matches where people use Rumble . Some professionals have given up on Rumble saying he gets snowballed easily lategame or hes not flashy , he doesnt have jank mechanics that have animation cancles. There is a split party of people who like reworks and people who dont but I feel Rumble can be an exception. Yes he does have a few true fans such as myself but I think many of us can agree that he could probably use a rework that could make him an even crazier champ. HE IS A BRAWLER CHARACTER WITH ZONING, WHY DO YOU BUILD HIM LIKE A MAGE???? It just doesnt make too much sense. if you look at his stats, he starts with ZERO magic damage and is supposed to build AD but for some reason he builds quicker building AP or mage items. in his bio it says he builds MAGIC for damage. I think Rumble could have more movent options so he has the option to build more AD because I find using RAVENOUS HYDRA actually does more base damage than and helps with wave clearing way faster than any build Ive researched or tried with Rumble. I think Rumble could use a anti cc Abilty because thats his number one weakness. if he gets stunned or slowed down majority of the time he is going to die because he has no setup abilities except his ult. one way Ive tried is hourglass and it does counter in a way but it makes you stationed. Rumbles model doesnt match his profile picture, outdated animations,he isnt even a playble character in his own game MECHS VS MINIONS. I also feel like its been hard for Riot to do anything with him because the last time they did someting was when they gave him the Baron skin that was like MAD MAZ themed but I read Articles saying how much backlash it got. It said pretty much everything I listed and only had one thing good was that it was the only tough looking skin but it still seems off setting. THE SKINS STORY LITTERALLY MAKES IT SET OUT TO MAKE RUMBLE SOUND LIKE A BADASS AND HAVE HIS TARGET SET TO DEATH. But his voice lines for the skin seem off because it still has cheesy lines and still seems like a joke. It made sense with his super galaxy skin, they put so much love and attention into the skin, he had funny cheesy one liners, he was more charasmatic , he refrenced Gurren Lagann, it had fun and unique animations. So why is it that after almost 7 years that Riot is so afraid to have fun with Rumble? he is the only mech character has a FLAMETHROWER THATS PRETTY GNARLY. Like he has so much unique parts to make him fun to design things for him. Ive come up with so many skin ideas that I would love to team up with Riot and make spitball ideas. I want to make an origin Comic and maybe add more lore and a comic for Super Galaxy. Hell even in their new games they are making like the fighting game, Legends of Runterra, animatiins, movies, they could do so much to bring Rumble out of the closet and make him a fun and charming characer. Sure, he has a short temper but who can blame him, he has been bullied, treated as a runt, has an over lasting love for tristana only for her to ignore him, wanting to become someone great even if everyone pushes him down. Hell MAKE YUMMI AND RUMBLE BESTFRIENDS even their abilities match up perfectly for each other and it would be so adorable and they can create so many amazing theings together that combine Rumbles mechanical expertise and Yummis magic knowledge, Hell Rumble has built his lab ontop of THE MAGMA CHAMBER!! (you know the 2v2 map idea that RIOT scrapped but super unique.) Its also the home of unspeakable power and a forgotten place. RIOT could even do a huge avengers like theme where the super galaxy team, star gaurdians , mecha force, cosmics, pulsefire and more dimensional cross overs class together to fight against the cosmic beings that are set to devour the galaxies. I dont know, I know its just a community board and none of this will probably be taken into consideration but its just me hoping something will happen.
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