Smurfs, Ruin the Ranking Experience

I'm getting real Tired of the Smurfs in Low Elo, Please stay on your main, We don't want you in our games, If your Main account was ban, then it was ban for a really good reason. But Lets back to the subject. Stop Smurfing in Low Elo just because you want to have fun, Go Play Normals, but Don't come into Our Games and be egotistical against us because you reached a higher ranking then we have. Being Negative against the Newer players who started Rank, it will have a negative effect on the new Players attitude since they'll not want to play anymore. A lot of Players who smurf are usually toxic from Platinum to Diamond Players, I have been playing League for 9 years soon to be 10 years. I had my fair share of Toxic Plat-Diamond players talking shit because we are getting outplayed by a player who's higher elo then us. I love for you guys just to stop before you make the newer players who just got to rank 30 and want to play rank but usually gets stopped because of their moral gets devastated by players who are higher ranking be negatives against them. I know people who are higher Elo will Down Vote this Forum because they're gonna say I'm Wrong, No You're wrong, You just want to have fun by Ruining other players experiences, How can they get better if they don't play with their own Rank when you guys are taking that away from them. They eventually leave the game because of this Behavior of you guys. If you can't Climb in your Elo, you shouldn't come to Our elo and ruin Our Experience. I know I'm not a New Player but I'm speaking out since this has been an issue for years. I know you guys don't like to be told what to do but This is a requirement for you guys to stop. You need to learn to be better in your own Elo because when you go back to your main account you'll be playing different because you stood too long in the low elo area, you'll forget how to climb in your own since Lower Elo Players are still learning the basics of the game. You have months to Years of Experience ahead of them. I hope you guys have a nice day.
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