I searched for Yasuo weaknesses but I got an error 404 “not found” message.

No mana management, low coolowns (he can use Q 24/7, weird considering he does not even need to be restricted by mana), free Double critical strike chance (poor tryndamere at least needs fury to get his benefit of critical strike chance), a shield that neglects a noticable amount of damage insanely mobile with his dash mechanic and the most broken basic ability in the game with insane capabilities in wind wall that blocks all projectile attacks amd mind you there are a lot of those. The most oppresive part of yasuo is he does not need to display any kind of skill sith his ultimate. Just have a premade buddy queue as malphite - Bam Ace every single teamfight. Yasuo would honestly be somewhat of a fair champion if he HAD to knock enemies up HIMSELF with his Q skillshot ot E-Q combo that would require skill and decision making at least. I would rather fight against 100 rivens or 100 zoes than this overbuffed showoff champion.
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