Good job riot. Long time ago most fun game ever,now too boring and unbalanced. Last 4 champions have ability to teleport anywhere on the map. Too much damage. Can we talk about point of a tank? Tank is role where palyer has a lot of armor but deals small amounts of damage,that is you know balanced not the fact that he is unkillable and he can burst you and sometimes even one shot you. 25 reduced movement speed on totally broken champion. Removing good old champions (Aatrox) you made people quit,people who liked that champion,who felt like the only reason they play this game is because of that champion,but you destroyed him and made Riven 2.0,you even crippled his voice and lines. You made a little kid with a yetti a monster with too many glitches,tlhealing and cc. Literally last 10 champions are same. Good job,well done. I hope someday in some Limbo or pararel universe I will be able to paly good old Aatrox who swings his blade with his left hand and says thay peace is the biggest lie of all. Goodbye.....
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