Fiora Nerfs anytime soon???

Fiora's E + Q + Demolish + Trinity Proc + HP items is a tower taking menace. Aside from that, if you're under tower vs a {{champion:114}} , chances are you're going to die easily while she lives due to her ultimate. She gets her true damage off and back quicker than most if not all champions (If {{item:3161}} is built then it's a {{champion:24}} with a ton more true damage) and her W attack speed slow guarantees her an easy win in most fights. Building HP gets you so far in lane when put against her, but come late game she will melt through anyone with Shojin's and Trinity considering Fiora's nowadays build those two items. She already had enough true damage before being given more and having her E and Q be able to target towers, now it's gone further into "Let's make another Nasus" state. Side Note: I have heard Shojin's is being removed (Thank Goodness if it is true)
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