pls fix normal draft sr matchmaking

I'm level 128. Why isn't normal draft like ranked games? Where you get you know silver ranks and so on. Why can't normal draft have players around your level? Why do i keep getting players level 56 in my games. It's so frustrating to play in the same games with new players and the fact that my other teammates are lvl 80-100+. And i have that 1 teammate thats lvl 56. Also this isn't the first time i'm making this post.This keeps happening to me every GAME.I can't enjoy ranked games bc everyone is so toxic and only winning matters but atleast i'm playing with and against players that are around my skill.Then comes normals draft where i'm against a level 440 and my jungle is lvl 60 or lower. All i'm asking is to make normals draft have teammates around your level. And players against you around your level. IF I'M lvl 128 i should have players lvl 80-200 in my games. Maybe 250..NO i get lvl 50 jungle and enemy team gets lvl 440 jungle. bc thats fair edit: had another game. Top played xin zhao against rengar. My top: lvl 32 enemy team top: lvl 159. how is this fair. no shit he is gonna feed and if a rengar is fed he deletes a champion in 0.5 seconds with ult or even without ult,
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