League of Legends Rant

This was long overdue and I finally got some free time to do it. I'm not gonna sugarcoat anything I'm gonna express the exact feelings I have about this game. I've been playing since season 5, and played more than 6000 hours, and yet I no longer feel I'm having fun anymore. Season 5 through Season 7 was my best time on league so far, I've had so many friends to play with, laugh with and in general have fun with. Since season 8 everything started changing, many of my friends started quitting because they told me they no longer had fun in this game and etc. Season 8 was the start of the bad LoL era. I stuck with the game because I just can't quit it no matter how hard I try to do it. Runes reforged IMO was a bad update. Everything right now is about damage, it seems like Riot just doesn't care about the game anymore. 1. I freaking loved game modes like URF, One For All, Nexus Siege etc. But riot just stopped giving them to us. Why? The game modes were amazing and I was always having fun in them. They fucked up urf by making it all random. I just want some play some Bard, Darius,Riven etc but the chance of getting them is so low that one of the main factors of URF is gone. The composition. I remember when I had a team full of hook champs like Nautilus, Blitz, Thresh, Darius and Skarner. Now we just have to roll dice to see which team has the more op champs. I didn't care if I won or lost because I was having so much fun. One for All as well, it was one of the best modes sitting right next to URF. I loved playing Bard, Illaoi, Zed etc. There are so many fun gamemodes...but not like it matters anymore since the last time URF was more than 2 years ago and ARURF was more than 6 months ago and the last One for All more than 3.5 years ago. Are we asking too much for you to bring back our favorite gamemodes? 2. The game is becoming a microtransaction hell. Idc about the skins or icons, but god damn missions, and even achievements now? The way the game is heading right now it won't even be a surprise for me if it becomes a pay2win game. I've seen mobile games with microtransactions comparable to League of Legends. 850 RP to unlock 3 stat checks on a champion, from which 1-2 is barely entertaining like why do I wanna know how many people I hit(2+) with my Last Breath or how many knockups in total I made. Give me the amount of Sweeping Blade I used so far, how many tornadoes I with with a accuracy percentage etc. There are such better ways to monetize your game if you want to make money. [Here's a link to a recent post of mine](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/E9Mc2Oqb-how-riot-can-make-a-cash-grab-that-people-can-actually-enjoy) 3. Damage meta. Do I even need to say anything? The mete is focused only about damage. There's no more outplay potential anymore when someone can just right click you once or press 1 spell to kill you. 4. Riot's lack of listening to the community. They give you so many good ideas for balance, skins, gamemodes, fixes and so many more but they just don't listen to us. There are so many good community made skins that I would love to see in the game, but I guess since Riot doesn't want to share money they are gonna make their own unique skins that become bland overtime. 5. I Feel like League of Legends is dying. I know, I know "LeAgUe iS NoT DyInG", I think it is, and because Riot doesn't want to fix it, they are trying to milk what's remaining of the game as much as possible before it goes to shit. I want to hear your opinions as well on the current state of the.
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