Why I like and dislike the new support items:

{{item:3854}} {{item:3855}} {{item:3857}} 300 HP 24 AD 3 Gold per 10s {{item:3850}} {{item:3851}} {{item:3853}} 150 HP 60 AP 3 Gold per 10s {{item:3862}} {{item:3863}} {{item:3864}} 150 HP 35 AD 3 Gold per 10s {{item:3858}} {{item:3859}} {{item:3860}} 300 HP 40 AP 3 Gold per 10s Those are the stats from the final form of each item which you get for completing your 1000 gold quest granting you the 4 wards and removing the tribute quest leaving your money gain from GP10s. I love the idea of a quest actually evolving your support item for free and being able to focus my spending on other things, that is pretty great. The extra offensive stats some would debate are 'bad additions' but i disagree. Unless they add two options that give no offensive stats and just a huge amount of health I think the fact that it allows you to either last hit or trade better is pretty good. There in lies the problem. You can't trade with these items, and though sure you can buy things that help you trade easier like {{item:1004}} {{item:1006}} earlier on and build them into things that aren't a quest item, the problem lies in if you don't have a good early game or are playing a melee champ into a range champ (which because you're vs an ADC or Mage of course you are). Yes the items are good at what they do, but they heavily favor whoever has more range or is more capable of bullying the enemy laner. I'm not saying you need to slap HP Regen and Mana regen however here is what I feel needs to happen: 1- Remove the poaching after the item has been fully upgraded 2- Keep the tribute gold income even after the item has been fully upgraded (No you don't get to be like "BUT THEN ADCs MIGHT BUY IT" or "BUT MAYBE BRUISERS WILL GO BOT" because you should've thought about that before you made the items like this) 3- Give them some sort of sustain back, Targons should have an execute heal (thats slightly stronger because there is no HP regen anymore) and Spellthiefs should get something along the lines of whenever you use a proc get x mana back (someone else could probably come up with more fair numbers than I would so I'll leave that as a variable) Yeah I realize thats gonna stir the meta bot lane again probably, but you already said it yourself that you wanted people to have freedom to experiment and its preseason you might as well test things now before ranked comes out and people flame you for killing their role. But those are just my thoughts on the new items, the feel half done, (although the art is pretty fckin good), like they had this cool idea and were too afraid people would find a way to abuse the item so they didn't give it its full extent of stats and abilities. What do you think? (I know there is a lot of negativity around the changes but if we aren't constructive about it they'll probably just ignore us)
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