I remember when league felt like you had a chance to be good at champs you actually liked. Now it seems the meta is just broken and you are forced to play what is currently broken. For example kennen, I love kennen but it seems with these new top broken laners he can't do anything to them. They can just jump on him, CC, and they also have sustain with tank. It makes kennen really hard to play or you just get focus down by their jungler when you are doing good and then you back to back. I love playing sol but with all these new dashing champs it really impossible to play him as well. League is destroying the their own game and it just completely not fun anymore. You fall in love with their champions and they end up just being just to weak to even try to play them. Another problem is the ranking system, I got to gold one time, next season I got to silver but I lost my boarder because I defended myself against two trolls. The worst part is I doubt they got punished and I was the one that lost my boarder and my honors. There are to many players on league that purposely try to disturb you and if you try to defend yourself you lose your honor or get banned. Honestly you might as well just remove the chat for all I care. People do not like being bullied and if you grew up being bullied and know what it feels like. You already know you don't like anyone to be talking down to you or disturbing you at all. Muting manually is a annoying really and also painful to just ignore this jerks trying to initiate a problem towards you when at times they are cause of the problem. There has been so many games where I don't get ganks. Duos players work together and just help each other avoiding to aid other lanes. Or they just spend the entire game farming the jungle. And if they do gank, THEY TOWER DIVE AND DIE a few minutes in game giving them first blood then wondering why I didn't follow them under the tower when it never feels like a smart idea to tower dive under 10min of the game. I was banned 16 days for defending myself or really not even defending but trying to play it off cool with the people that called me something in appropriate. I agree to it and said it one time towards myself not even at them. But apparently it was wrong and I got banned for it, and they reported me too which makes it seem completely unfair? Why did I get punished but they didn't. I had try to talk to the support team to ask how that was fair. They don't tolerated if you just say the word. I had ask them if the rest of them got punished for it and they told me that they couldn't tell me if they did as well. I did my own investigation and no they didn't get banned. Clearly that was honestly very upsetting and just not fair. I just got chat restricted for defending myself yet again against two duos. Honestly at this point I don't care if I get chat restricted permanently. I rather avoid having to say anything to them at all. League announced they were going to fix the ranking system but when you get placed with players that feed really hard and you can't even enjoying playing the champions you like to carry the team. I'm pretty much just giving up on the game entirely, it is not fun anymore. Whats the point of getting on this game if every time you get on all you do is stress because you can't do anything to carry the game. I land q's, I land R's how ever with the way meta is now my champs can not carry the game alone if your team doesn't back you up you will lose entirely. I hope someone out there understands me and let me hear your thoughts completely. Because I think I'm about to just retire playing league in general. I sick of trying to get good at a champion that isn't their meta. Has anyone seen Daruis and Garen damage plus sustain? Have you seen Yasuo, Vayne, and Yi as well? You can only ban one of these champions and hope that your team will know who to ban. And the way league decides to punishes players that try to defend themselves against trolls or people that are just intentionally trying to get you angry is just not right. It never fixes the problem they keep saying themselves. "It helps players fix their attitudes" That is not true at all. The fact that they keep letting these players get away with it and punishing the wrong people is not okay at all. They get away with it and continue to cause more trouble to others. And the wrong people get punished for it. At the moment I feel that league cares more about them making money now then they do about fixing their game and the community. Bullying should not be allowed and people that are instigating the problem should also be getting punished. Especially these duos now a day that don't really want to help the team. If they troll, They do it together and don't care how their entire team feels. League takes 20 to 40mins, That is a lot of time to stress and bare the game especially if you have to deal with trolls. I love this game I just don't like how its not being balanced. Instead of buffing champs? Why not just focus on nerfing the current champs to a rightful balance where its far to play against. And the ranking system? why doesn't riot focus on putting feeders with feeders? Why do they continue to place them with people that are trying to move up. I feel that every game there is someone that is inting making it just really hard to climb.
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