Who agrees that there should be a teemo nerf?

I am making this for a couple simple reasons. One including teemo is a champion that requires no amount of skill but can still bully opponents out of lane easily because he is a ranged poke top laner. Another is that teemos W move quick give a substantial movement speed buff in early game allowing to maneuver out of multiple situations. The blind affect of his Q blinding dart isn't terrible but very annoying, but the base damage and scaling of his q make it hurt making it largely more annoying to deal with in lane. And, finally something everyone hates teemos mushrooms, ever since his rework the radius of them is just so large making it be able to hit you from farther distances. I think the radius should be decreased along with the base damage decrease to 150/285/410 but to balance it out a tiny bit more increase to 60% AP scaling of it into late/mid game which is when teemo (if good) thinks about where to place them a bit more. Now, back to his Q and W I believe the W movement speed should be decreased to 7/12/17/21/24 instead making it easier to catch him early and his Q the scaling should be decreased to 65% instead of 80% and the base damage should be decreased to 60/105/155/205/260 to make him not as strong in early game. Please comment if you have any suggestions or if would like to argue with me about certain things.
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