I'm never buying Little Legend Eggs ever again.

Ok so... I figured I should try to buy a few Little Legend Eggs. The reason being is that I simply wanted a Dango. That's it. Or rather... I wanted a 2* Dango. Nothing too flashy, just a simple common 2* Dango so I can stop looking like a River sprite and actually have something unique. or so I thought... Little did I realise that I spent... probably over $70 worth of RP trying to get a simple 2* of Dango. I wanted to make this post not as a way of saying f*** you Riot, but rather to warn people that if you see a purchasable product that is rng oriented... don't do it. Is it my fault for spending that amount on something rather trivial? Somewhat yes, however I argue that this honestly shouldn't even be a thing. I mean don't even get me started on how ridiculously overpriced it is for a single egg. I didn't even bother going for a 10 egg bundle cause I wanted to spend my rp on like 2 or 3 eggs. But then it became 4, then 5, then 8, then I had to stop myself before it got anymore out of control as I was looking at a 3* Shisa. Should I be happy? Debatable, but then again it's not what I was after now wasn't it? The story here is that I had a temporary gambling addiction. The fact that people argue that this is not gambling are either blind to their own actions or rather they literally have no clue what gambling is. I wanted to get a 2* Dango simply cause I didn't like the 1* appearance, instead I walked away annoyed along with things I didn't even want to have in the first place. Too bad I can't trade with other players for what I was after like you can with actual trading cards in real life cause that problem would have solved itself. Or better yet, you can straight up purchase the damn thing. It's 750 for one Dango that's (I'm guessing) common right? Why can't I just purchase it twice for a total of 1500 rp for a 2* version? Considering that is most likely what it's worth. Probably never going to spend money on RP again so long as those rng purchases are still available. If Riot honestly believes that this is the best way of making money (aka preying on those who have gambling addictions) then I have straight up lost all respect for this "Game Company". Not just for little legends but the champion capsules and hextech crates as well. Gold mines don't last forever Riot, it's only a matter of time before it collapses on top of you. Now excuse me while I seek help on preventing myself falling into gambling addiction, simply over the fact that you can't just make initial purchases for something cosmetic.
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