Oh boy, got a hextech chest for my S rank game!

Let's see what I'm rewarded with. https://i.imgur.com/uVTszRk.png Oh... No, I don't own Qiyana (yet) but come the fuck on... Only thing I have to burn blue essence on anymore is champion releases and chromas when you open the BE Emporium for 72 hours. Riot, are veteran players REALLY such a drain on your funds? Why do you insist on hard earned content potentially being worth barely more than a standard level up capsule? Hold up, even standard level up capsules can award 4800 and 6300 champion shards (rarely). So my reward is the equivalent of a single level up that had the off chance of being extra rewarding. These results are massively insulting to the players who have played your game for several years despite the shit you put them through. It's even worse when you consider that there's almost no reason to unlock all of the champions any more. If it's so fucking painful to actually reward players for getting through the grind, then just say it and stop pretending you've done us any favors with the BE rework.
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