Horror idea for my Adventure Game

Hi guys! {{champion:44}} I'm gonna bounce an idea off ya! Tell me what you think! {{champion:154}} The level is based off of my Grandma's old house when we were kids, and although it's not my Grandma, it's this other old lady Boss you have to defeat! She's kind of one of those trailing-along bosses, you do not defeat her the first time you encounter her. She keeps appearing periodically until eventually in the later movie's game (it's a movie series as well) you HAVE to face her in a final confrontation! {{champion:19}} So she is this really powerful old lady who's been around for thousands & thousands of years! She is short, at about 4 or 5 foot something! She has really dark mottled looking nails, really long fingers and long toes and really hard hard strong bones. At point entire batallions of soldiers are trying to restrain her and she easily is able to fend them off. She has been shot at many times; and while she DOES fall to the ground and even lay there for a few minutes, she always is able to hobble back up! She gets up the way grandmas get up, turning onto their side first then putting weight on different joints to get up slowly and stabley! So she is able to climb walls and cielings, and even spins webs. She will frequently sit in the webs in the cielings of people's basements for 15+ years, studying the family! She often is running on all fours through the woods at a pretty fast speed. Her possessions include lanterns, her medicine, sewing and knitting supplies, some other things. But basically this one level is where you're upstairs and you hear these loud thudding footsteps. Slow walking footsteps, she is slowly walking 1 step slowly at a time! She will follow you around the house slowly, and when the power goes out from the thunderstorm occasionally, there's a 50% chance when the lights turn back on she will appear right in front of you with her eyes bulging wide, lots of shadows under her eyes and a thick kind of black outline around them like Majin Vegeta! She wears raggety clothing and is walking around the house with her needle and saying the way Grandma's say when checking their blood sugar level: "Ooo, prick prick! Let'me prick ye my dear. Come here dear. Commee here! Let me prick you. Prick prick!! Prick prick!!!! Prick prick!!!!". There are points when the game is in 3rd person as WELL AS 1st person too! So you'll see her hands reaching out forward trying to grab you. She isn't so direct though, when she grabs you she often will try to take you to a secluded room in the house, and at certain points it's designed that even with the best Stat builds for the playthrough, she WILL take you into a closet or into a bathroom. The trick is figuring out to not panic when she's fumbling with the bathroom door trying to lock it, swatting you and scratching you when you try to get your hand anywhere near the knob. Some other info is that she has been known to survive intense powerful explosions, being thrown off into rubble yet getting back up again. Although she does often run through the jungle, she does have a cane/walking stick too. She has kind of one of those old granny biscuitey smells and she utilizes these little red and black spiders and Hypnosis magic! She'll put you into this golden caramelly soft trance where you are slowly always being pulled to her, and climbing stairs is just so tiring; you can just give in and drop to the ground. She eats various bugs and often feeds on too many creatures out in the wild; damaging many Eco Systems! She is also an amazing climber and can scale walls and ledges unbelieveably fast. What do you all think? :D {{item:2052}}
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