Morgana needs to be buffed or her W needs to be reworked

So hello everyone, I am Truma and I am maining Morgana for around 2-3 years now I belive. I have peaked d2 with being a solo Q Morgana main, curently lingering in low diamond d4-d5 on one of my other accounts as a main support. While I still can play and perform just fine, wIth the recent nerf on her E the laning phase just went down the drain. I have to put out 120% of effort just to match other supports. Lets sum it up in few shorts lines about her problems: - Her basic range is HORRIBLE. If you go in for a poke with a basic attack, be sure you will eat probably 3 times the damage you do and get outtraded - Her mana usage vs efficiency. In theory, Morgana works just fine, you have that W to push you lane, to poke etc. But lets think about it. You use a 70 mana spell to do 1-2 ticks of damage (20-40) on enemy to proc that supp item and you are forced to do that all the time in laning phase as you almost can't poke with basic attacks. Yes, I understand that the whole point of Morgana is hitting Q's, but lets be honest, a huge part of the current most played champions have some kind of dash that lets them counter you completely - Her E costs now 80 mana. Why? Couldn't you at least made it scaling? 50/55/60/65/70 or something maybe? Her early game combo requires 200+ mana. On a champ that is forced to burn mana to just match other champs that don't put so much effort, that was a horrible move. - Her movements are so stiff. Horrible duration of animations, especially on R. She also has no dash, movement speed burst and can be punished in 90% of cases as her Q is so easy to dodge I have tried to pick up other supports and sometimes got matched up vs a Morgana and here are the results: - Brand: INSANE damage, zoning, kill potential during whole game, very low mana cost compared to the efficiency - Janna: Spam shields, disengage, poke with W as you walk trough minions with 400+ move speed in early levels - Nami: Heal while you outtrade and then give adc the E buff to chase down Morgana as she has no dash or any movement speed boost to escape while her Q is so easy to dodge - Blitz: while it can be mostly countered by Morgana E, the mana cost and cooldown make you win vs her in the long run or simply trick her and hold back the hook or go for the other one after tricking her - Rakan: Can't get hit by Morgana Q. Insane mobility, shields for trading, you can take any support item you want and still be top tier support, insane engage and smoothness in the movements - Pyke: Disgusting champ with a broken kit that can go vs just anything and punish on the slightest mistake - Alistar: Even Alistar wins vs Morgana, same reasons as for Blitz - Braum: Block everything, jump away, outtrade with Q - Bard: here comes that boi with the movement speed bursts, a basic that slows you and a Q that can first hit you, break your shield and then as it slams behind you STUN you - Lulu: really no need to say anything, you will suffer, she will poke Morgana to death and has insane shields and protect for adc if you go in for engage so you still outtrade a Morgana - Thresh: Thanks to the massive damage on E passive, you can break shields sometimes with it or simply hook with Q even on shield and just reactivate to go on a Morgana, wait her shield to end while throwing lantern and use E to get her back, slow her and kill her as even if she flashes, she is in range for all the attacks you and your adc have Simply put: Morgana is EXTREMELY bad at the moment, her W needs to be reworked, her E needs to be changed back to 50 mana with scaling mana cost up to 70 at level 5, and her model needs to be upgraded for smoother movements and lower the animation times on.
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