Anyone else feel like they lack basic human empathy?

I love and deeply care for my close family, friends, and significant others but honestly can't find the ability to care for other people and their problems. If I met someone and they were struggling I would probably try to help them out but honestly thats about the most Id do. Every time theirs a tragedy people seem to get all sad about it, like "oh no 50 people died". and I just sit here like, "So"? People die, welcome to life its a shit storm man. You arn't immune to anything. My computer could randomly somehow explode and kill me right here, right now. For example this things been circulating on snapchat, where you screenshot the post and put your bitmoji in it with a heart for the victims of that bus crash. What is that going to do? 50,000 bitmojis and they are resurrected from the dead? I feel like its just a pointless waste of time, considering in one, two, maybe three months no one will even remember it happened. Anyone else feel like this?
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