Why not convert to Type damage

First section: the "QNA" Q: What is Type damage A: Damage based on type (firewater grass, etc) Q: Why should this change be execpted A: Read post to find out Q: wont this drastically change the exstablished LOL that we know and love A: no Second section: The Post In games like pokemon and many rpg and rpg style games there is a system that means an element or type will do more damage to another type. For instance water do bonus to fire. This is the perposed change Third Section: How will this change be applied Brand, rumble q, and ornn w will all be fire damage. Liss, ashe, sej, and braum ice, maoki, zyra, ivern are grass. I>F>G>I will be there cycle. Other stuff i havend worked out yet like metal, rock, dragon, fairy type. Maybe blitz for metal, rock for malph, drag for shyvana and asol, fairy for lulu(pixie dmg only). Fourth Section the conclusion This will increase player skill based off of game knowledge not rng. The more u know about ur champ and enemy champ dmg the better you will perform T;L;D;R; This will change champions to do bonus type damage against each other and will make leauge more skill based Section 5: The conclusion Make sure you leave a comment telling me ur thoughs, other types, or more suggestions/ CONSTURCTIVE criticisms
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