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I've stayed away from posting here on the boards for a while. To be honest, I'm not that big a fan of league anymore. I've been a long time support player, and many years ago, I used to do quadruple Heal Soraka with Heal/CV elesia's miracle and Crucible. Changes to the game made that impossible, and I adapted, I watched as Soraka was reworked and went through phases of being considered useless, to OP and perma ban worthy. I stuck with the game because of the amount of time and effort I put in felt like I actually got a reward out of it. THAT IS GONE. At least in the past, lost games got me at least a tangible benefit. Now, games that are frustrating losses have people refusing to surrender because they need the experience from a longer game to level up. The first win of the day is worth 3 games worht of experience, but it feels like garbage when you only play 1 or 2 games a day and they're devastating horrible losses that end 20 minutes in with surrenders, and that first win of the day is just sitting there taunting you. The BE I earned from being a long time player, having spent tens of thousands of IP felt nice, and allowed me to pick up a number of the champions I needed along with some other goodies I wanted. But after playing some games since the update... I realized that I didn't find league fun anymore. I found it a tedious grind that was no longer satisfying. Games didn't just end on a note of "oh well, theres always the next game" It now felt like "Great, that was the biggest waste of my time, and I could've spent it doing something FAR more enjoyable. Riot, I appreciate the honesty you've made in regards to this update, but let's be honest, a large number of people now just find the game not worth investing anymore time or resources into. There are others who will spend vast amounts of RP on XP boosts so they can climb levels, but for the player wanting to spend no money on this game, everything just became pointless. Blue Essence is so meager and worth jack shit now. Champ mastery seems absolutely terrible because it costs nearly as much as a champion to promote from one tier to the next. Riot, when you said you were changing the system, No one expected you to remove IP gains ENTIRELY from wins/losses. So when it was found that was the case, things blew up in your face. Adding BE to first win of the day is nice, but it won't solve the problem unless it's 250 BE or more. People WANT to feel like their games are worth something. And honestly, Until BE gains are re-added as a steady part of games, I'm not going to be wasting my time on league anymore.
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