Implying that ranked isn't for learning is a super toxic way to play a video game

This whole idea that you can only que up for ranked once you've learned your champion like you're gonna instantly "climb" straight up in ranks is such a toxic way of approaching the game and advising new players. I made this thread earlier only to get downvoted and shitted on by the community. I'm tired of the ego that comes with NA solo que. It really shows in the comments. Everyone thinks their perfect queing up for ranked and this mindset needs to stop. I have to play league with all chat and allied chat muting because of how frustrating this community is to talk to. Everyone treats each other like shit, like their not people behind a keyboard but rather shit players who don't know what their doing. Nobody tries to learn or improve, they just love to blame everyone else and its just a gross environment to play a video game in. League can be a social experience too, I would love it to be that way. Its just everyone assumes their being put on trial all the time and everyone just attacks each other in chats. Why can't people on the internet treat each other like humans behind screens as oppose to just mindless entities. I know this post isn't going to change ANYTHING and that I'm just gonna get down voted and shit on again but I just wanted to voice my concerns. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} this has been my tedtalk tnx for reading!
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