So I've played league for almost 10 years. I have supported Riot for a very very long time and watched this game grow into a giant of the industry. I have NEVER seen Riot put this little effort into a victorious skin. This is what I get for my climb. For the time I spent on your game instead of somebody else's. Idk what this thing is, but I want to de-rank just so I don't have it on my account. Literally anything else could have been better than this monstrosity. {{champion:240}} maybe? {{champion:126}} maybe? {{champion:6}} perhaps? Like anything would have been better. I would have taken Victorious {{champion:150}} anyday of the week. BUT AATROX. It doesn't help he already has Justicar, which looks just like this thing and better! You might as well just give everybody that skin for free instead. NOBODY EVEN LIKES AATROX, he's been broken since his first release. The only people that like him are the people abusing him. I'm not mad at the artists that made this, I am mad at whoever said this was ok. Seriously somebody needs to be fired. I am not spending money on this game anymore or bothering with the grind if this is what I get. It didn't help this season was one of the worst I've ever played. I got Gold in 7 wins. Not to mention the garbage with Riot support not actually helping with tickets, and the community being blatantly ignored about skins and microtransactions. Being told "We make skins that make money, get over it.". There is somebody out there getting this as their first victorious skin and is horribly disappointed. I know there is a meme of hating on Riot but this is just AWFUL. I can't believe this abomination is coming out of one of the most influential game companies on the market. The quality and design choice is severely lacking. I don't even want to buy skins from you now, because I am afraid I might get whatever this thing is again. I'm going to go de-rank so I don't have to look at this thing. Riot owes the community an apology or at least some damage control after this year, cause this is blatant garbage. SHAME ON YOU RIOT! SHAAAAAAME! DELETE THIS THING AND MAKE US AN ACTUAL VICTORIOUS SKIN. Literally ANYTHING ELSE.
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