Legacy Harrowing and holiday runes as icons for 'Runes Reforged' update

So, a long long time ago, during the original harrowing event I saved up for special (2.5 tier) holiday runes. I played until i could afford a full set of each special rune. This was one of my favorite experiences since it marks the point where I really started getting involved and enjoying the game. I used those runes for a long time despite having the more powerful Tier 3 versions because I like them and they reminded me of the fun I had getting them. Later I collected some more holiday runes (winter festival) and enjoyed using those as well. Now I have two questions for Riot. 1. What happened to these runes? Did they disappear a while back during a rune update or maybe with the new client? Either way I don't remember being compensated for them, but I could be totally wrong. 2. If you still have the purchase data it would be AWESOME if the people who purchased these way back in the day could get maybe a summoner icon with the rune art as a sort of legacy loyalty reward or something. I don't think I can express how happy I would be to get my little pumpkins or ghosts back. It's silly I know, but hopefully not too much to ask. Anyways I look forward to the rune update and hope it goes smoothly. See you all on the Fields of Justice!
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