Nightblue3 situation and "off meta" players

First i'll start with saying THIS IS MY OPINION! Now, lets talking about the NB3 sitiuation and why i think Nubrac (Teemo player) is not the victim everyone makes him out to be. "Off meta" Off meta is being thrown around a lot, as if it's the indestructible defense card that will hold off ALL criticism on what you're doing in game. Off meta isnt a bannable offense, you can pick off meta champions, builds, strats, whatever, but you HAVE to play your role. If you queue for top you need to go top, you cant go 2nd smite and abandon your land permenantly and use "it's off meta" to deflect all criticism. Furthermore, you cant hijack someone's lane to "support" him when he asks you to leave only for you to ignore him, you're now ruining this player's experience deliberatly. What Nubrac (Teemo) did was not banned for being off meta, it was banned for griefing his team mates, yes, queuing up as a support (who is designated bot) and ditching your adc from level 1 with no intention of going bot, is griefing. Yes, sitting mid and soaking XP from your solo laners when they ask you to leave, is greifing. He's forcing his disruptive playstyle on team mates who never agreed to it, can you blame ANYONE for reporting and being tilted by some random player sitting in your lane and leaving your botland pretty much open? Now, some common replies i see: "So what? I cant Roam as support now? Im an adc slave??" - no, you can roam, roaming is part of a support's skill expression, what nubrac did is not roaming, he just sat mid from level 1 with no intention of leaving. "He's not trolling, he climbed to GM and has 60% winrate on teemo support" - false; he has 48% winrate on teemo on over 400 games (his main champ and most played) then you see his leona and amumu winrate both at 55% and combined games of over 500 matches and you kinda realise how he climbed to high ranks. "It's okay to play off meta as long as you try to win" - no one can know if you're truly trying to win or just using off meta to feel special and dont care about the outcome, what we do know is how it impacts your team mates who you owe to at least try to cooperate with in a team game, nubrac did 0 cooperation or communication in that game. - If someone goes to a lane he wasnt assigned to, in EVERY other situation it would be labeled role stealing and is considered a griefing move, so why do people give it a pass because this specific player is a support, a support is still a role with a clear job and not a (literal) 2nd midlaner Lastly, i'd like to say - just because nubrac was wrong doesnt mean nightbluee was right, this isnt me taking sides but rather looking at Nubrac from the eye of a soloQ player who encounters trolls like im sure all of you do. Here is Nubrac's page if you want to see his stats: > > Summoner's Code, Rule 1, Paragraph 2, Sentence 1: > > "Being a good team player begins at champion select."
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