I see many people complaining about getting "bad legendaries."

While I can agree that the "Magnificent Twisted Fate" isn't so magnificent, get off of your high-horse people. Riot did this as a thank you for helping them reach a decade of existence as an organization, and that random skin was entirely up to chance. It was a *free skin.* Not to mention all of the other freebies we've gotten over the last week or so, I'd say no matter what you should be happy that you even got something like this. While I'm on this tangent: Thank you Riot for doing this for us. You really didn't have to go as far as you did for everyone, but you did it anyways. Hopefully the peeps at the studio aren't getting too burnt from some of the backlash (as small as it may be) from the community. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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